Ajax Smart Alarm Systems


No wires. No worries

Wireless security system for ultimate protection

 Ajax is smart, reliable, & lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat.

Ajax Alarm Installation

Wicstun Electrical & Security are professional Ajax Alarm Installers.

We can provide a professional installation of the Ajax Alarm System including full configuration including full smart phone set up on both Android and iPhones.

In addition we provide remote monitoring and maintenance of your Ajax Alarm System in order to identify issues and resolve them before they cause you a problem..

As part of the installation we are able to integrate a CCTV system into your home or business security system.


Ajax Wireless Alarms

The latest technology in home and office protection

 Ajax can be easily expanded with entry, fire and flood detectors, as well as relays for managing electrical appliances remotely. You can purchase and add additional devices to the system individually. Detectors can be connected with a few taps in the mobile app. 

*** New for 2020 ***

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 Ajax doesn’t limit itself to one job. Instead, it does three at once. The system immediately alerts users if it detects a break-in, smoke or a flood.

Additionally, it supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax a singular security center. 

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