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Full Home CCTV installation and maintenance service

We provide a range of CCTV HD (high definition) systems including the latest 4K technology for the home which can be viewed on your Android or Apple phone, Ipad and/or PC to allow you to remotely view images from anywhere in the world.

We mainly use Hikvision cameras, which are the highest quality cameras on the market, as they provide superior images and streaming, especially when compared to standard analogue systems.  

Hikvision has been ranked the No.1 market share leader globally for video surveillance equipment for five consecutive years.

When our engineer carries out the FREE security survey, he will discuss the lens type and whether to use Turrets, Domes or Bullet Cameras in each location. He would also discuss how we would carry out the installation, from the position of the cameras, to the images they capture, to ensure that facial and body movements are clear, along with any other details required as well as where the cables will run and the siting of the NVR.

We would connect the CCTV system to an NVR (network video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder) which should be stored in a steel lockable box and out of sight.  We only use high quality hard drives in our recorders as this is a major part of the system which needs to be 100% reliable.

Wicstun Electrical & security can also integrate the CCTV system to existing or new home control systems and/or video matrix systems to allow multi views through the home TV system.

The Hikvision cameras come in many styles and offer different, variables including the amount of storage available for the NVR and the megapixels of the individual cameras, anything from 1 to 8 MP depending on what level of images you would like to receive.  We also understand the importance of choosing the correct hard drive to store any recorded camera footage.

Hikvision NVRs can hold 2 hard drives with a capacity up to 6TB.

Investment in a CCTV system is the perfect deterrent that will make burglars think again before breaking into your home.

  • Enhancement of both internal and external monitoring around your property
  • Assurance of improved security around your home
  • Recognizing the perpetrators of any committed or attempted offence in your neighborhood
  • Collection of real-time visual evidences to recognize the wrong-doers involved in any kind of criminal offence in or around your property

We have professionals to design your customized CCTV surveillance system according to your specifications and budget.

Cost-Effective Service

We strive to provide the best, bespoke and budget-friendly CCTV solution for your home. 

Annual service contracts available - contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Hikvision cctv systems


Bullet Camera

Dome Cameras

Kikvision NVR


Dome Cameras

Bullet Camera

Dome Cameras

Hikvision HiLook dome camera

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera

Video Intercom

Hikvision Bullet camera

Video Intercom

Mini Bullet Camera

Video Intercom

Hikvision Video intercom

Mini Bullet Camera

Mini Bullet Camera

Mini Bullet Camera

Hikvision mini bullet camera

PTZ Cameras

Mini Bullet Camera

Mini Bullet Camera

Hikvision PTZ camera

Hikvision Network Cameras & NVRs


Security requirements vary. That is why Hikvision designs and tailors network cameras to meet various requirements – from general video surveillance to video content analytics based on deep learning algorithms – and beyond.

Rendering high-quality images across a range of lighting conditions – while minimizing requirements on storage and bandwidth – and providing data-powered situational awareness to help you make smart decisions, our network cameras are the ideal choice for hundreds of application scenarios.

Hikvision embedded network video recorders offer the benefits of managing bandwidth and storage with the latest H265+ compression technology. 

The all-in-one NVRs have powerful capabilities, supporting up to 24 MP resolution for recording. Ultra-high definition output up to 4K is now supported on all NVR series, from entry level to professional models. 

For data safety, Hikvision network video recorders provide RAID, N+1 hot spare, and ANR functions, ensuring stable and reliable video recording. With deep learning units, 

Hikvision video recording became more powerful and more intelligent than ever. 

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