Industrial Battery Installers and Testers


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We offer a full range of Battery / UPS services from individual Cell / Block replacement to a full battery and UPS design and installation service. 

We work in partnership with DDR Ltd who have many years of experience in supplying companies across the UK with Batteries and Chargers.

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Industrial Battery

Battery & Charger Services

In association with our Partners DDR Ltd we are able to offer the following services

 Battery supply (Both NiCd & Lead Acid)

Full battery Installation

Inspection and report

Discharge testing


Disposal of redundant batteries

Battery maintenance

Battery and charger maintenance

 Wicstun Electrical & Security carries out all battery work as set out in accordance with British Standard BS EN IEC 62485-2:2018 Safety requirements for secondary batteries and battery installations.

Our Partners DDR LTD (Deakin Davenset)

The company was formed in 1979 and continues to this day. They supply a vast range of products which are supplied to a range of customers worldwide .

Over the years Deakin Davenset Rectifiers took over manufacture from Partridge Wilson and Co Ltd ( The original Davenset ) and Westinghouse Davenset Rectifiers Ltd in Chippenham, as well as purchasing Brooknes and Automat – Electro Automat (UK ) Ltd.

The range of equipment manufactured today comprises:

  • Automotive battery chargers for use in garages
  • DC Systems for standby power
  • AC UPS systems for emergency back up
  • Switch tripping and closing DC chargers
  • Cathodic Protection DC systems
  • HT Precipitator Supplies for dust particle removal
  • Line Commutators for discharging and charging batteries


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