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Wicstun Electrical & Security are your local CCTV Installation company. We offer you a friendly and professional service.

We cover Market Weighton and the surrounding villages with both installation and repair of CCTV systems.

We mainly use Hikvision CCTV cameras & recorders, which are the highest quality cameras on the market, as they provide superior images and streaming, especially when compared to standard analogue systems.  

Hikvision has been ranked the No.1 market share leader globally for video surveillance equipment for five consecutive years.

When our engineer carries out the FREE security survey, they will discuss the lens type and whether to use Turrets, Domes or Bullet Cameras in each location. We will also discuss how we would carry out the installation, from the position of the cameras to the images they capture, to ensure that facial and body movements are clear, along with any other details required as well as where the cables will run and the siting of the NVR or DVR.

As home CCTV Installers we understand the importance of your privacy so we ensure the installation is as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Home CCTV camera
Market Weighton Domestic CCTV installers

Market Weighton Home CCTV installation & maintenance service

We provide a range of CCTV systems for your home, using both Digital and Analogue technology, including the latest 4K technology for the home, which can be viewed on your Android or Apple phone, Ipad and/or PC, to allow you to remotely view images of your home from anywhere in the world. 

We can install a CCTV system to meet your security needs whether that be 1 or 16 cameras, we have solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Investment in a domestic CCTV system is the perfect deterrent that will make burglars think again before breaking into your home.

We have now partnered with Kando Finance to be able to offer you a finance package to cover the cost of your CCTV and Alarm equipment and installation (Terms and conditions apply)

Commercial CCTV installation & Repair service

School – University – Office – Workshop – Farm

We provide a range of CCTV HD (high definition) systems including the latest 4K technology for commercial premises which can be viewed on your Android or Apple phone, Ipad and/or PC to allow you to view images from anywhere in the world.

We provide you with peace of mind and a secure business premises. 

Serving business customers across the Market Weighton Area.

Commercial CCTV camera
Market Weighton Commercial CCTV installers
Livestock and lambing camera
Market Weighton Farm CCTV installers

Agricultural & FARM CCTV Installation and maintenance service

24 hr Lambing & Calving motioning via a range of weather proof  Farm CCTV cameras with the option of fixed or movable cameras.

This gives you the ability to monitor your livestock 24 hrs a day via your smart phone, Tablet or a PC.

Wicstun Electrical and Security can provide you with a range of remote lambing and calving cameras ensuring you can monitor your livestock 24/7.

We can install a range of high quality CCTV systems which will provide you with 24 hr monitoring Day and Night. As long as there is power (Solar Panels can be used) we can install cameras up to 3km from your recording hub.

Your buildings are a vital asset which can be under threat from various sources. Using our CCTV surveillance and alarms systems you’re able to monitor them 24/7.

Wicstun Electrical & Security can provide you with a range of remote livestock and horse monitoring options.

Market Weighton Emergency CCTV Engineer CCTV FAULT FINDING & REPAIRS

Full Home & business CCTV system installation and maintenance service.

We provide a range of CCTV HD (high definition) systems, using both Digital and Analogue technology, including the latest 4K technology for the home, which can be viewed on your Android or Apple phone, Ipad and/or PC to allow you to remotely view images from anywhere in the world.

Faulty CCTV, our engineers can fix it.

Dome Cameras

Hikvision Dome camera with vandal cover

Dome cameras are either ceiling mounted or suspended from a wall mounted bracket depending on the application and the field of view required.

The camera unit is mounted inside a transparent dome which can be tinted to obscure the camera position. Dome cameras come in a wide variety of forms. They can be analogue or IP, fixed or mobile.

The cameras can by thermal for night vision or be equipped with infrared illuminators or they can be for daytime use only.

Housings are available for weather or vandal resistance or for use in hazardous (explosion risk) environments.

Dome cameras are also available in mini- and micro- versions for discrete deployments and are available in a range of housings to suit various architectural styles. 

Bullet Cameras

Hikvision 4mp Bullet Camera

Like dome cameras, bullet cameras get their name from their design, as their cylindrical shape looks like the shell of a bullet. However, unlike dome cameras, bullet cameras are intended to stick out and be noticeable.

The main benefit is that they act as a visual deterrent for potential thieves. Though indoor use is feasible, their deterring properties and long-range capabilities make them the perfect outdoor security measure. They are best when used for the following:


  • Overt security purposes.
  • Monitoring areas that require a longer range.
  • Protecting properties that can be broken into like your house or office.

Hikvision offer a wide range of Bullet cameras to suit a wide selection of applications.

PTZ Cameras

Hikvision PTZ camera

A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera works by moving the camera in different directions to get a whole picture of the surveillance area and zooming in for further detail of security events. The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities make it possible to monitor large areas with a single camera while getting great detail at the same time.

Hikvision offers a wide selection of PTZ cameras for different application scenarios: high-end DF series network PTZ, AF series Turbo HD PTZ, PTZ positioning cameras, traffic PTZ, and more. These PTZ cameras work well as a standalone solution and integrated with other cameras. With Hikvision’s PTZ cameras, you can rapidly respond to security events and leave no blind spot unnoticed.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

Hikvision DVR

DVRs or Digital Video reorders use analogue technology transmitting the images over coax cable. There are 2 version 1 where the power is also sent over the Coax (POC) and the other using a separate power supply.

NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Hikvision NVR

An NVR or Network Video Recorder incorporate the newest technology to provide an enhanced, feature-rich security system. Also known as POE security camera systems, NVR based systems are more flexible and complex than DVR systems.

Our Market Weighton based CCTV Engineering Team can:

Install a CCTV Camera systems in your home

Install a CCTV system in your office, workshop or shop

Maintain and repair existing CCTV systems

Provide emergency call outs to CCTV problems and breakdowns

Advise on the best equipment to meet your requirements

Expand and alter existing CCTV systems

Looking after customers across Market Weighton and the surrounding area

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