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There are three main instances when you should consider calling an emergency electrician.

    • If you feel your own safety is compromised, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician. At the very least, a qualified electrician should be able assess over the phone he gravity of the situation.


    • Presence of smoke or if you smell burning near your electrical outlets such as washing machine dishwasher and any white goods. This good be the sign of a power surge which could ultimately cause fire.


  • Exposed wires or sparks. These issues should be fixed immediately as they can be very hazardous especially if you have young children in your house. There is a risk of electrocution or fire.
Emergency Electrician

York Emergency Electrician

In the event of urgent electrical problems, please call us to arrange for an engineer to visit your home or business 7 days a week.

  • Power failure
  • Damaged cables
  • RCD wont reset
  • Circuit breakers tripping
  • Exposed live wires
  • Damaged consumer unit (fuse box)
  • Burning smells

Emergency Electrician Call Out Number


York – 01904 373015 or 07376 641492
email – sales@wicstun-electrical.co.uk
Dont Panic

Complete Power Failure?

Before you call an electrician you can follow this link to North Power Grid’s website to check if there is a power cut in your region.
To report a power cut you can call the National Power Cut Helpline on – 105

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